High Performance Timing System (HPTS)

Key HPTS Features
Modular Timing System
Hot Swappable Modules
High Accuracy
Environmentally Qualified
Automatic Propagation Delay Compensation
Flexible input reference – GPS, Have Quick, IRIG B


Network Ready Portable Timing Unit

16 channel GPS SPS receiver (standard)
12 channel GB-GRAM SAASM GPS receiver (optional)
IRIG B Time Code (standard)
HaveQuick/1PPS from external GPS receiver (standard)
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) - option
Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) standard
Atomic Rubidium Oscillator - option
1PPS 1 Pulse per Second Signal Time Mark
Have Quick Time Code
IRIG B Time Code


Network Ready Precision Time System

GPS Disciplined Atomic Clock
Network Time Server
Dual Redundant Version Available
Complete Remote Network Control using Standard Web Browser
SA-ASM GPS Receiver
10MHz, 1PPS, IRIG B, Serial and Time Codes
Timing Accuracy < 40ns rms to UTC


Network Ready Precision Time System

GPS Disciplined Atomic Clock
Full Remote Network Control Using Standard Web Browser
Optional SA-ASM GPS Receiver
Timing Accuracy <40ns rms to UTC
NTP Network Time Server
Dual redundant system in 19 inch rack mount
Low Cost
10MHz, 1PPS, IRIG B, serial and BCD time code outputs


QFS-106 Quartz Frequency Standard

High stability OCXO or rubidium oscillator
6 individually buffered outputs
Low phase noise output buffers


OSA 3230 Cesium Clock
(for US market only)

Performances exceeding ITU-T G.811 / Stratum 1 PRC
Accuracy better than ±1x10-12 during entire life
Long life 10 years cesium tube
Extremely compact size — 3U high (5.24'') - less than 8” depth, compatible with ETSI and 19'' standards
Front or Rear access connectors (depending on configuration)
Single 10 MHz output
Programmable 1/5/10 MHz TTL output
Redundant DC power supply inputs
Remote control and monitoring via RS232 (fully manageable locally and remotely using SyncView Plus management system)
Optional Ethernet Timing output module


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